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ABC KIDS Preschool - уникальная возможность "погружения" детей в англоязычную среду (преподавание ведется носителями языка). Образовательный процесс построен на базе британской дошкольной программы и оксфордской развивающей методики. Учебная программа основана на игре и учитывает детские интересы, потребности и способности. Дружная команда педагогов, уютная домашняя атмосфера создают превосходные условия для всестороннего развития ребенка!

ABC KIDS Preschool has a solid curriculum, which is based on high standarts of British educational and Oxford development preschool programs. Our Preschool provides a multi-cultural environment, that helps children to become bilingual. The curriculum is delivered by caring and experienced teachers.  We place great importance on creating a safe, loving environment for your child to experience success and grow in confidence.


to our Kindergarten


В наш английский детский сад.

Ведется запись детей от 2,5 до 7 лет. 

Registration is open for children from 2,5 to 7 years old.


ABC KIDS features monthly classroom themes to help children engage with specific topics in an immersive learning environment.

Our themes include: Our Body & Clothing, Sports Activities & Equipment, Nature, Food, Christmas and Calendar, Wild & Domestic Animals, Families, Homes & Occupations, Water Safety & Sea Life, Transportation & Street Safety, Saving the Earth & the Universe.

In addition to the weekly class schedule of Science, Math, English, Art, Music, Crafts, Social Development, Proper Behavior, Morning Snack, Hot Lunch and Afternoon Snack ; further supplementary activities such as Soccer, Baking, Ballet, Kickboxing, Aerobics and Yoga give our children the opportunity to pursue a wide range of interests.